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Save Octomom!

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Author Comments

Help Octomom feed her ravenous horde of babies or face the wrath of Social Services.

Octomom needs money for cosmetic surgery and for buying new houses! All her babies have come from the hospital and she has hired you as the new nanny. Feed them what they want or Social Services will come and take the babies away!

Learn new recipes to make interesting combos, like "Lipo Slush" and "Botox Banana Bonanza" and get new special items, like the "Nuclear Donut".

To Play:
Click the mouse to open the fridge and cabinets
Click on food to pick it up, and click on a hungry baby to feed it
You can throw junk food in the trash, and use the phone to order more when you run out

Try to get a high score!

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3 for creativity

other than that it was a dumb game

even if you lose you get some satisfication

I don't know what happens when you win but when you lose it was great to see her go to jail! loved this game!


u no i just thought of something... WHO WOULD FEED A NEW BORN PEANUT BUTTER ORANGE PEEL THING????

Snarky, timely, and fun game!

Fun and timely game! A very clever, snarky satire of a VERY irritating pop-culture figure. This is exactly the sort of game I imagined to spoof her. In fact, this sort of stuff reminds me of those early Newgrounds "Assassin" games.

Good clean graphics, great music & sound effects, good controls, and a good system of increasing difficulty and increasingly complex game dynamics as the game goes on.

A couple of complaints relating to the difficulty level though, although that may sort of be intentional, given the subject matter. One, Octomom REALLY gets in the way sometimes, although that may be the point - her actions are standing in the way of her childrens' health. Two, anything level 4 and above is ridiculously hard - I managed to make it lvl 5 only once, and that was a nightmare. Although again, that's sort of the point - taking care of that many kids is ridiculous.

The only real complaint I have is, it's not immediately clear how to throw away food that you accidentally clicked but can't give away. I know now that you have to click over the trash can, but it's a narrow click-able area, and it's not explained in the instructions (that I know of).

Great game! Thanks for the funny take on this topic.

Not Bad


Interesting concept. Just a few things:

- I received this ActionScript run-time error while the game was loading:

Error #2044: Unhandled securityError:. text=Error #2048: Security sandbox violation: http://uploads.ungrounded.net/490000/
490585_octomom_2009_04_08c_ext1.swf cannot load data from ../../gamequotes.xml.
at octomom_2009_fla::MainTimeline/frame1 ()

After I closed the error message window, the game seemed okay.

- Also, there is a delay in the appearance of the preloader. I get a blank, white screen (it's actually loading at this time), then the above error message appears, once it seems to be fully loaded.

- Is there a way you can swap the picked up food item with another food item? If you click a food item, and no baby wants it (the babies want something else), then you're stuck with it, until a baby wants it, provided the former babies don't get sick because you can't switch to the proper food item.

- Good job providing several different sounds for the same events. Makes the game much less monotonous in the audio department. The selected music is nice and subtle as well.

- Is there a way to pause the game? Also, the game should probably automatically pause if you're looking at the recipes.

- The character walking around gets in the way. However, I presume this is by design. (-:

Nice game.

- Ziro out.

Credits & Info

2.02 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2009
7:20 PM EDT