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Pokemon Red/Blue Battle

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Author Comments

Was told to pick an old school game and emulate it, kinda. (probably not the right word...)
Pokemon was my choice.

So... second flash ever, first actual completed flash movie.
Critique welcome.


not bad but...

longer plz ,oh and with storyline,but i have full confidence in you so much is i'll contact u and maybe we become friends!

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shikkaba responds:

lol. awesome.


i am a nerd for saying this but items happen befor attacks

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shikkaba responds:

lol! Actually, the gameplay movie I used had an attack afterwards, but there was a deadline and I had to make it.

Thanks. :D

It's a start

But with some funny edits you could make something awesome and new, or else at least make it longer, also lol you trained to Lv30 vs. Surge. I barely got into the late 20s before pwning him

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shikkaba responds:

I actually did do that once. That... was really long... and very... very... boring. Or, tedious? Yes. Tedious.

Thank you!

It's Ok

If your gonna make a flash remake of a pokemon battle, then have fun with it, make it different characters or people, and give them whacky attacks. eg. Barack Obama vs John Mccain (or something more recent)

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shikkaba responds:

I will when I have time for that. Right now I'm in school and the only flash I have time to get my hands on is school assignments. Don't worry, I won't send everything here, because not all of it is NG worthy. But this was long enough and content filled enough for me to get what I needed out of it - feedback. :)

Speaking of which, thanks for yours. :D

Not bad for what it is...

but there wasn't really any originality in it. Make up some funny names for their moves, make some amusing animations for when things are cast. The key to having a popular movie on here is to show us something we haven't seen before.

That said, for what it was it was pretty good. The animation was clean, the sprites were good, and it was obvious that you were doing a tribute of sorts to Pokemon. You captured the style, just need a bit of work on the substance. Keep it up!

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shikkaba responds:

Yeah, I suppose I just wanted to get something out there to show what I can do for starters. I wasn't trying to be uber impressive, but maybe that's my problem?

Yeah, maybe.

Thanks for the advice.

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Credits & Info

2.05 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2009
6:46 PM EDT