Pokemon Red/Blue Battle

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Was told to pick an old school game and emulate it, kinda. (probably not the right word...)
Pokemon was my choice.

So... second flash ever, first actual completed flash movie.
Critique welcome.


It's a start

But with some funny edits you could make something awesome and new, or else at least make it longer, also lol you trained to Lv30 vs. Surge. I barely got into the late 20s before pwning him

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shikkaba responds:

I actually did do that once. That... was really long... and very... very... boring. Or, tedious? Yes. Tedious.

Thank you!

not bad but...

longer plz ,oh and with storyline,but i have full confidence in you so much is i'll contact u and maybe we become friends!

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shikkaba responds:

lol. awesome.

what a rip!

all of that for only one round? I understand the vintage moment and all, but you could've did the entire match.

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shikkaba responds:

yeah, I know. there were deadlines for this one. I actually did have plans to do the whole thing. ah well, I don't want to edit this and submit it to waste anymore time than I have. ;) I did learn a lot though.

yeah, I agree.

It was cool, it brought me back...to earlier today. I was just playing pokemon blue earlier, so that was cool to watch, but the title doesn't make any since with what happened and what happened was boring, but I understand that you just wanted to get something out there...but next time...STORY! k? (:

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shikkaba responds:

Yes indeedy. No more "shows of skill" after this one. That's a promise.

Thank you. :)

hmm. . .

i agree with the other people, basic animations, it's like a memory from the good ole days. one thing tho, it's not bad for your second movie, but next time, make it a little longer with a little more action, heh pwning the votorb, though, was sweet.

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shikkaba responds:

I shall do so. Thanks. :D

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Apr 7, 2009
6:46 PM EDT