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Effing Hail

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Apr 7, 2009 | 6:30 PM EDT

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How does large hail form?

Updrafts within thunderstorms push rain high into the cloud where very cold air freezes it. Once frozen it starts to fall but gets caught in another strong updraft where it gathers more moisture on its way back up making it larger. If the updrafts are strong enough they will continue this process for long periods of time allowing the hail to accumulate more moisture and more moisture. Updrafts can get so strong they even intrude into the stable stratosphere. When updrafts are this strong it becomes possible to suspend large hail for long periods of time further adding moisture to the hail, sometimes building it to incredible sizes.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hail..F it

Awesome game!!! whats the song btw?


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Good, for a preview or a demo...

This is a fun game, but it's too small. It's incredibly short and that's why I gave it a 3. Not to mention this game sure is overrated. It doesn't even have an option to turn off the music without turning off the effects. You need to expand the game a lot! But there's a problem, not everything fits this "book game". Like the upgrades system that some players asked for. Actually, many things don't fit this book game, so it's hard to expand it. Maybe it wasn't the best option, but it sure is original and nice. Anyway, that doesn't mean you can't make it bigger, here's some stuff you could include:

- More lessons. You could make some chapters and we could select the lessons from there. And don't just stick to what you got, come up with new things, original things. Like a mountain protecting the buildings with diagonal hail, we would need to guide the hail around it. New places, there could be a place with a bridge to be destroyed for example. Different ways of blowing the wind depending on the chapters or lessons. Many new things and challenges.

- A free play option (or chapter), maybe in the end of the book where we could chose everything we want. And another option to create the biggest hail possible, with some records on the book.

- Add more musics to the game, only one, and a short one, gets annoying. There isn't even a theme for the title screen. And due to the players' request (the most important thing) you could include a download option as a prize for completing levels. And of course include credits!

- You could make the clouds on the game move, put an option to hide the sidebar to increase the space on the game, improve the sound option creating two options, one for the music and another for sound effects. You should add visual aids to the instructions too!

- Maybe you could try to make a rotate tool. To spin the game so that we could see it from the other side, because this side would be for example hidden by clouds. This isn't really the most challenging game ever you know.

- There's a bit of a luck involved in the game, I'm not sure if this is a skill game at all. But with some of my suggestions (like buildings protected by a mountain) you could make this more of a skill game.

- During the hole game I have to hold the mouse button, except for the few times I don't want wind, why not do the opposite? I only hold the mouse button if I want to stop the wind, I'm tired already of clicking and holding and pressing buttons in so many games.

The things that I didn't mention are OK I guess. Oh and... You don't answer to any reviews, makes me think you don't care. With so many players asking for the same thing over and over and over. At least you got the cover of the book right...

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


yeah, a free play mode would be awesome!!! do anybody know the title/artist of the song???


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Such an enjoyable game!

The first time I played this, I absolutely sucked at it, never making it past the first lesson as it were. Then I got to grip with the mechanics of the game properly and it became much easier to create huge hulking behemoths of hail stones to rain havoc on the ground below.

It's much easier to just give something a gentle nudge whilst it's still very high in the atmosphere as they are much slower there, then simply keep it in the air for a few seconds and you'll quickly have a hailstone that no skyscraper or plane can withstand!

The faux-textbook style the game is presented in is very unique and incredibly enjoyable, as lots of textbooks do really have diagrams presented in the style shown in the game.

A sandbox mode that just allows you to go crazy with the hailstones on everything without the worry of time contraints would be the only thing missing from what is otherwise an incredibly enjoyable and entertaining game.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Going on my Favs

This game I come back to a lot, it's really fun, original, and satisfying! The clock I don't have any problems with, probably my strategy or something. (You can launch hail into th eeffingsphere while you screw around with holding some, hitting them into the 50's for maximum damage. <-- This is really fun to do!