2009 Internet Olympics

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Update 1.11-
-Includes trophies to earn
-Limits high scores


Concerning false high scores, as far as I know, the only games affected are "Button Bear" and "From A to Z". In version 1.11, I limit the scores that can be achieved. I submitted the update on Friday, we'll see how long it takes to get up here. Plus, I hope all of you enjoy the trophies you can earn (24 of them- Wow!)

Or you can get them on www.jflashgaming.com, the updated version can be found there.


2008 Summer Olympics Results:
1. China
2. United States of America
3. Russia
4. Great Britain
5. Germany

Don't see you're country up there? That's OK, you don't need billions of dollars in training to rank in the top three here. Everyone can compete! Hooray!


2nd for the week so far in CHICKEN FLINGING!

hahahahhahaha its good, but not long term entertainment

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This kind of games is funny

We all know the best scores get hackers, and theyre usually german ,russian,british,american,chinese or finnish. then come internet kids (german, american) and then , somewhere around place 60 come normal people who want to have fun without wasting whole day on this game. As far as internet kids are like olympic people on tournaments, i dont want hackers :P

It's fun but...

There need to be "how to play" things for each game.
It's kind of annoying not knowing what the objective of the game is and just having to guess.
That said, it's still very fun to play.

lol hackers

its a pretty fun and awesome game aside from the hackers hoggin the high scores and all... nice graphics and animation and lots of good artwork,this game is da bomb

Pretty good, but with flaws

Great comilation of fun games.

I love how someone has a score of 0.03 seconds on the typing game. Put me right off. No sense of competition anymore.

I think the games needed more beta testing and hack proofing.

Great graphics and gameplay on the games I tried though. Gj.

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3.59 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2009
6:14 PM EDT
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