Foosball DX

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[ Updated: There is a link to the 2010 world cup version in the game. Better gameplay, AI, all 32 world cup teams. ]

Your final score will be total points x 100 + goal differential from all three games.

( you get 3 points for each win, 1 for draws, and 0 for losses )


very good

not a foosball simulation, but that would be pretty difficult to play. As it is it's very playable and lots of fun. new version even better.

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I have to give you credit for trying, but it is still a failed attempt. Foosball looks like it would be very hard to put in a game. The way this one works is just plain boring. Can't really find anything good to say about it AND there is no way to mute the annoying S/fx, just music mute. Anyways you get 2 stars for trying but you should try again and make something atleast a little enjoyable.

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But kicking needs to be on demand, not auto


it has to be a hard to make foosball into a video game.

the graphics are nice, movement is fine, in fact there's nothing really wrong with the flash itself...

what i saw as the problem is there's just too many tricks that can't be done, and it lacks the true speed of the game. the one thing that was really annoying is the lack of ball control, in foos it's common to stop the ball, as where in this game if the ball touches any of the men they automatically kick it.

i suppose my suggestion would be to have some type of combo system, where you can use maneuvers once in control of the ball. maybe not in real time, but something at least where you use some type of skill.


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nice 3d

but not more or less

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4.35 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2009
11:24 PM EDT
Sports - Soccer