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Leon's Frustration

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Wow. Finally folks, here it is. My first ever flash cartoon! In case you care, this took over a whole month to complete. I've always been a fan of the Merchant since I was introduced to RE4, and his phrases never seemed to escape me, even when I stopped playing the game. I only ever got annoyed with the Merchant whenever I died and had to re-sell or buy things from him, his cheeky phrases and sayings grating away at my nerves.

Really though, this guy is great. It's a shame he's not in RE5.

I did the voice of Leon, and found a soundpack of the actual merchant from RE4.
All characters and stuff belong to Capcom, blah blah blah...

While it's not overly complicated in terms of animation, I hope you get at least a couple of chuckles out of this, I had alot of fun making this and learned alot too. Expect more from me in the future! Thanks for watching.

EDIT: Oh, and if you guys could help me get this in the Resident Evil collection (by clicking "Help this Author" below and on the left hand side of the page) I would be extremely grateful.

Much love,

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omg I bet this is how Leon felt in the game!LMAO

very funny

its so true hes so anoying and its funny how he goes crazy

pretty good!

dude this was really funny, especially the part when Leon keeps handing him the shotgun.
Not enough cash, stranger-Not enough cash, stra-Not enough-Not enough-Not enough cash, stranger. "Crap! I don't know why I thought that would work..." lmao


almost the best

Very good for a first!

This is extremely good for being a first time. There is definitely still a lot to be learned because I see a lot of creativity and potential. Keep it up and most importantly keep practicing!