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Straw Boats Borrow Arrows

rated 3.99 / 5 stars
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Apr 6, 2009 | 8:23 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place April 7, 2009

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Author Comments

This is "Straw Boats Borrow Arrows", adapted from a part of Luo Guanzhong's classic chinese novel The Three Kingdoms. I entered it in a contest for short movies (5 minutes or less; this cut is available on youtube - just search "Straw Boats Borrow Arrows"), but I made an extended version just for you guys. xD It's not a comedy, nor is it some bloody showdown - its a battle of wits featuring one of the greatest military minds of all time.

Zhou Yu, director general for the Southland forces under Sun Quan, is jealous of Zhuge ("zhu-guh") Liang, director general of Liu Bei's forces (united with Sun Quan at this time, to oppose Cao Cao's invasion force from the north). So Zhou Yu conceives of a scheme to eliminate Zhuge Liang - he asks for 100,000 arrows for the army, and he wants them in ten days. Failure, he emphasizes, will be met with death, according to military law. Zhuge says he'll do it in three days. Thus our story begins.

To reviewers: I appreciate and read every constructive review, and I'm always eager for suggestions on how I could improve. In particular, I'd very much like to know what you thought of the story, which I had a hard time adapting so the context still came across. I made the music myself, despite not really being a music person, so if you have something to suggest, try not to use too much music terms, cuz I'll have no idea what you mean. I know all the people who did the voices (most aren't members of NG) so if you've got somethin to say to them, I'll pass it on.

Special thanks to Tom for letting me upload this huge file (sorry to everyone for the large file, movie's got a lot of 3D shots, so hopefully its worthwhile in the end)

For the first time in any of my movies, there's an easter egg! Who can find it? (if you're stumped, I'll probably post its location on my userpage later, or you can PM me) What do you think of it? Should I ever do it again? Feel free to give me some advice.

Edit: Daily 4th, not bad! Thx again to Tom, and to everyone who voted. Keep sendin reviews tho, I'll keep readin.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great picture!

Amazing story, the Chinese always think of the best ways to entertain.
although the animation was good, some voices didn't quite fit in well.

They didn't sync that well together, and the voices sounded a little "to English", like they were not really Chinese at all.

other than that the picture was very good, and the 3D effects were very well put together.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice

I remember reading about this story before, anyways yes if zhuge liang could command the military today, then the war in the middle east would probably be over.

the overall animation was good, except I felt the characters were kinda recycled, you may want to give each character more special qualities, eg. eyes, beard...

the water in one scene looked like there was a tsunami right under the people's feet, slow that water down a bit.

keep improving on the tweens, try adding some easing,
I really liked the ending, hope to see more...something dynasty warrior ish
would be pretty cool


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

story was good

I did like some of the story, but I didnt like how you presented some of it.

The way the people talk is a little annoying, they sound like theyre reading off of the script instead of sounding somewhat realistic.

Also the audio quality needs work (sometimes there was "fuz" when you spoke loudly).

And the animation could use more effort in it too, the details dont have to be great but the movements and lip synch definately need fixing.

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RPGsrok responds:

Well, thanks for bein constructive.

Getting people to act isn't completely easy, and I had to use people I knew for the contest (they aren't actors by trade) but if any particular part sounded off, I'd like to know.

The audio quality's definately been brought up a lot in these reviews, and I'll definately give it more attention from here on out.

Y'know, when I think about it, I realize that the problem with the lip-sync in the movie comes from a new technique I tried (didn't work well, obviously), so I'll avoid that in the future. If theres a particular movement that stood out to you (in a bad way, of course) plz feel free to tell me.

Anyways, I appreciate the suggestions, and I'll do my best to improve. Thanks for reviewing.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This was nearly flawless I had never played a single Dynasty Warrior game but still the animation was extremely well done and a marvel in all the other areas as if I need to explain. This was almost perfect in my eyes and deserves a high recommendation. "Great job!"


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved this.

Great quality and a very interesting plot. I loved the twist. Never played dynasty warriors but i knew all the charectars from romance of the three kingdoms VIII, the game by koei.

Great job!.