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Star Supremacy

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Choose your army and fight for Star Supremacy! Six different races claim regions of the Universe. Be the commander of a starship military and conquer all. Beware; in deep, dark space lurks an alien race that will be difficult to defeat!
TIP: Be sure to launch your Attack Droids when you notice the button blink.


I thought this game was pretty well designed, but not that enjoyable. It was mostly because I wasn't able to inflict much damage on my enemies. Now, it actually does give you a fair amount of health. I just don't know if those big robots can even be beaten. I don't even think the attack droids killed a single enemy. There are some nice effects.

Putting the lights on doesn't really clear much up. You really have to be prepared with this. I guess the title...wasn't bad. The music's pretty good. It just isn't a game for me.

Fun, but gets repetitive.

It's pretty good for the first few levels, but once you unlock the mechas, it just becomes a matter of buying the upgrades, timing your auto droids, and sending out mechas. All the other units really become obsolete at that point. The only level that is remotely difficult at that point is the final, just because they're so fast and can really spam the auto droids, but even they can be defeated with the same method if you're careful.


Its great that your game auto saves cuz I will finish 2nite. Good job man!

I liked it, but not a whole lot.

While the background visuals were nice, the foreground didn't deliver. They were flash-par graphics, nothing good but nothing too bad either. At first I wondered why my little, pink soldiers weren't running, only to realise that they were floating over there.

Iit strongly resembles alot of other games, you've just put a spacey theme on it, nothing really has changed.
Swordsmen are the same, spearmen, maces, archers have been replaced with blasters - which is nothing creative. And then super soldiers/orcs/giants/paladins have been replaced with the mecha, which is, again, nothing creative.

A few suggestions;

-Ship bonuses: Such as laser artillery, pinpoint disentergration beams, kamikaze fighter ships, turrets. All of this would make a more diverse and interesting game, which is what you want.

-Customizability: Everyone loves to add a personal touch to their army, player or otherwise. I'd rather be called the Super Sex Force rather than what I was. Include armour colour, faction's name and Commander/Player/General/Colonel's name.

Multiplayer: Everyone loves a good online battle with another obnoxious Newgrounds member. It's not needed, but could be a nice add on. :)

Definately a fun, creative idea, BUT

Those droid things are annoying as shit

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3.50 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2009
5:09 PM EDT
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