Gunslingers Gold

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"Gunslingers Gold" is an action shooter with a strong stealth component. Not only ou will be able to shoot down your enemies with your gun or rifle, but you will also be able to hide behind objects and backstab your enemies using your knife.

v1.1 online
- fixed dynamite damage
- fixed bug after level 7

If you want to take your enemies by surprise be careful not to be spotted by them. Also, hanging too much behind their shoulders will make them hear you. They will also be able to call each other for support or they will hear your shots.

To move around use WASD or the arrow keys. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot or stab by left clicking.

For a better explanation of the game mechanics, please have a look at the guide:

http://www.maxgames.com/g uides/gunslingers-gold.ht ml

Enjoy! ;-)


This was a pretty good game. I was a bit confused by the gameplay at first, but it got better. I appreciate how there was a good amount of action. The graphics could have been better, but they were still nice. I especially like how there's a good amount of creativity. You are able to get a look at the big picture.

The music was quite nice. I didn't know if I was supposed to help that guy at the beginning. At least I wasn't allowed to kill him. You have good mobility here. It does look a bit too cartoonish, though.

very good

I really enjoyed this game, it's a fine stealth/shooter. It has (almost) everithing a good game needs: nice graphics, good western atmosphere, good controls, saves and ok sounds.
There are however some minor things this could be improved with:
- a run button: when there is a huge playing are, like here, traveling long distances slowly gets boring.
- a minimap: with such linear gameplay it's not likely that one gets lost, but it would help knowing wich parts did I visit alredy and so it would spare some unnecessery wandering.
- And, what the game needs the most: more variety of weapons. Becouse altrough there are lots of weapons in the game, the most of them are useless. The 2 pistols are good only as long as one can't afford something better. Same goes to the cheaper rifle. The shotgun not only has a very short range but altrough it fires 5 pellets it still misses too many times, so it's also useless. The gatling immobilizes, wich makes one an excellent target, so it isn't good either. So the only good gun is the winchester.
To add more variety, I think the guns should be improved.
If it would be possible to fire behind some cover, that would make the gatling a useful gun, since the operator wouldn't be exposed anymore.
The shotgun should have longer range, better precision and should fire more pellets.
There should be a pistol with a decent accuary and fast fire rate, that made it a good sidearm.
The special weapons are also more expensive than useful: the beartrap is useless, becouse it's easier to shoot the enemies than lureing them into the trap. Same goes to the barrel. The dinamyte and the molotov are too expensive, it's not worth useing them regularly. And their area of effect is too small.
I think the molotov should be much cheaper and the dinamyte should have a larger area of effect.


I liked this game
enemies sight range a bit to long but it does make the game more challanging

A VERY well made game

This is everything I've been looking for in a wild west RPG of sorts. I loved the stealth.

The sight range indicator was there, I suppose, as a fancy way of showing what direction the enemy was facing. And the sight range did make sense, after all, they aren't exactly blind. But being faced with a sudden shootout for me added a type of realism and fun to the game.

This was very well made, and I applaud this game. However, this may just be my computer, but after the hostage/retrieve the safebox level, the screen goes black. Is this just the temporary end of the game because it's unfinished, or is this a bug? Either way, I'd love to see more of this game.

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FoofaStudios responds:

Thanks for your review and for the bug submission!
We just fixed it.

Enjoy the rest of the game! ;-)


it's okay, but I really hated how the enemies had such a huge sight range, and such a small sight viewpoint; it's like lying . It only shows the direction. You should eliminate it (the green and red views), show the actual length of sight, or change it to the green/red's area.

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3.79 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2009
10:49 AM EDT
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