PhaseStar One

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Take command of the first space vessel built for not so peaceful exploration!
Venture where no man has gone before and plunder all that you can locate...


A or Control: Beam Attack
S or Space: Multi Gunner Attack
Movement: Arrowkeys
E: Pause

Hold buttons for maximum performance!
Your ships flies over enemy defenses, only avoid their attacks!


needs some work

hard to tell whats going on, items are to small and your eye gets distracted to ealy with the back ground. try slight larger sprites as well. When you pause the game you should be able to unpause with the same key.

music was interesting but i dont think the best choice for it, over all it show promise check out the other shooters and see what they have and how you can improve your self.

also there a glitch wit the pause with the contunie button getting stuck on screen.

Needs Polish


- The graphics are a bit too busy. Difficult to tell what's what sometimes.

- Challenge should be toned a little bit. Those green enemies attack too aggressively. Save that for later levels.

- When you pause the game with E key, you should also be able to unpause it with E key as well, instead of having to click "Continue". Also, when I unpaused it, the "Continue" label never went away.

- Include support to mute music and sounds separately.

- Include explosions when you kill targets instead of just making them disappear. The flashing hit-effects are a nice touch, though.

- It seems that the music changes when your health gets below a certain level. That's a nice touch as well, but you may want to consider something that sounds a little more ominous. (-:

Not too shabby, just clean up the rough edges.

-Ziro out.

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Interesting idea but flawed design

This isn't too bad of a game, but the amount of enemy fire and the spawn rate of enemies seems like you were trying to make a "bullet hell" game without the smaller hitbox. It may just be me, but the difficulty of this game seems too high with the slower ship, and while I haven't tried the other ship as of yet, I wonder if the same might be true of it.

Not bad, but make this a bit easier or have multiple difficulty levels. It shouldn't have to be nearly impossible to avoid damage for even a short while.

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Good game! Really Tough and Hard! I'm glad it was so hard because these kind of games are usually too easy. Good Job 10/10

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2.77 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2009
8:38 AM EDT
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