Mutteo in NES Land ep3

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**UPDATE** HOLY CRAP I GOT A CUP! I never thought I'd win an award but here it is, shining in it's bronze goodness! Things are looking up!

Runtime: 14 minutes. There's no need to watch the first two parts to enjoy this one.

Here's the scoop. After 6 long months, I finally have a flash to show. It took me forever to do and, of course, I ran into several problems. First of all the script kept changing since I started working on it and as a result you have this very strange and random episode. You'll see when you watch it.

Imagine being in a Hollywood tour bus. You're driving by all these sights, but the driver is going so fast you can only see a blur of the tour. "HEY! STOP THIS BUS! I WANNA GET OFF!" The reason I say this is because I overdid both the size and length of this. The filesize is, dare I say, OVER NINE THOUSAND KIIIIIIIIIIIIILOOOOOOS! The amount of frames is approximately 15,903. It was actually much longer but my flash stopped working because I was unaware of the 16,000 frame limit. Then of course my program crashes a lot so I could spend 10 hours on something and I could lose it all like that. I admit, after a whole week trying to fix this episode, I thought I would lose all hope, but here it is! Thank the stars that my hard work wasn't a complete waste.

Hm? Are you still reading this? Well I will say one more thing. I am going to try to make smaller and shorter movies. I just have this problem with restraint you see. I just go overboard with my work. I hope you like this episode. I know the load time is long, but I promise not to disappoint. My next work I hope to finish a lot sooner this time. Sorry for the long wait my 6 fans! XD



Of all the things you can possibly do with hobos, you have found the best. I mean, hobo launcher was allready great, but that... is beyond imagination.
And for the random part of this episode, well, it adds a little "je ne sais quoi" to the storyline. Anyway, everybody loves random.
I hunger to see the next episode!

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Good stuff.

You really know what you're doing, and while the episode was rather random, that isn't a bad thing. You have a good style, and understand how to put a certain level of quality in your flash. Keep it up.


That.... Was.... The.... Most.... Epic.... Movie..... EVER!!!! XD

OMG, I laughed so hard that I almost cried!

Besides, Erica killing Dracula is hilarious! X3
It's also funny when time stopped.

Kewl. Awesome, dude! I hope Ep. 4 comes out soon! =)

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Mutteo responds:

Well hopefully my next flash will be a lot sooner than 6 months, I hope!

I'm glad you enjoyed this episode. Actually this was somewhat of an accident based on a lot of repressed ideas that just came out like this, but I'm glad it all worked out. Perhaps I'll keep that in mind for next time.

You did an awesome job

That was awesome, and very funny. Maybe, if you want some ideas, you should do an episode of Legend of Zelda, that would be awesome, and you can have Mutteo, Erica, and Arty in this one. I would love to see that. But that's if you haven't already thought of a different game to do a flash of. Well anyways, I love your work, and keep up the awesome job.

Mutteo responds:

As a matter of fact, I do have that game in mind, and I have script writing for it, I'm just not sure if I'm planning that flash yet or trying out my other ideas, there's just so many, it's hard to choose. =]

total awesomeness

this was just funny and it made my day i really hope that you come out with a new episode soon

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