Silent Hill LULZ

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Be gentle;
This is my VERY FIRST flash project. (and I know Travis's punch is wayyyy tooooo slowwww)

I've been working in Macromedia Director MX for years before moving to Flash. My not-so-rich school doesn't provide lessons for Flash, so everything is self taught... v____v
I've been trying to find good tutorials.
It's a project for an independent studies animation class, so I couldn't animate my funnier, less appropriate gags. :'(
I'll get to that later! 8D ...hopefully



well, if you consider your experience, it changes the rating criteria for me, so i got to say real good job. Especially for self taught, its better than what i've been working on so far. Keep it up, look forward to see what else you do man

kiLLerjaCKal responds:

Thank you very much! Yeah, it's been really hard learning by myself, so your response means very much. :D

It was decent

This was notbad, the characters were good and it was an entertaining flash and i liked itmaybe add some sound and sound.fx though

Add some sound/fx and music

good movies


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kiLLerjaCKal responds:

Thanks for the advice! I'll take that into consideration. I just can't quite find good quality free sound effects D:
I'll look more for my next flash though. And I'll add bg ambience/music :)

I don't know but those guys but >_>

I liked it =]


kiLLerjaCKal responds:

Thank you very much! I appreciate it! :3

not bad :)

Obviously you realise it's nothing spectacular... the sound doesnt quite synch and is choppy... the animation is crudely drawn... the jokes dont quite cut it.

But on the other hand, i've watched COUNTLESS flash videos from people who've been doing this for a long time that arent as good as this. You did yourself justice by not throwing another stick or sprite animation at the portal, and for that you should be proud - the length was also good, and I can tell that this is more of a "putting yourself out there for other to critique" rather than a serious knee to the grindstone effort.

For a first ever flash attempt with no formal training whatsoever, this is quite good, and I truly hope you make it through the portal with a score to reflect your efforts.

Also, as my id suggests, I'm probably a little biased... hehe. :)

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kiLLerjaCKal responds:

Thank you for giving such a detailed response! :')
It means a lot.

Yeah, I actually almost didn't want to post this, but I thugh 'What the heck, at least I might get good critique.'
Thanks so much for acknowledging also that I'm working from the ground up in this. As my first attempt, I know I could have done better, especially with delivering jokes (but as a school project, that was hard) and the characters and their motion (working with a mouse at school. I have a tablet at home, but no Flash CS3 program).

Thanks again!

Haha, nice to meet another SH fan XD

I liked it!

If this was your first project, i see great things from you! I wouldnt be suprised if this got a daily runner-up. Great job. And since this is your first time, 4/5's for you sir!

4/5 Great job!

kiLLerjaCKal responds:

Aww! Thanks so much! That would be awesome haha.

Thanks for scoring and responding! <3

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2.47 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2009
6:26 PM EDT
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