Silent Hill LULZ

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Be gentle;
This is my VERY FIRST flash project. (and I know Travis's punch is wayyyy tooooo slowwww)

I've been working in Macromedia Director MX for years before moving to Flash. My not-so-rich school doesn't provide lessons for Flash, so everything is self taught... v____v
I've been trying to find good tutorials.
It's a project for an independent studies animation class, so I couldn't animate my funnier, less appropriate gags. :'(
I'll get to that later! 8D ...hopefully

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It was good for your first try so well done! but i agree with ColeKennedy some back ground music would of been good but well done!!!

kiLLerjaCKal responds:

Thanks :D
Yeah, I'm actually working on something else that has everyone's advice taken into consideration. I can't finish it now or post it though because highschool is over and I have no flash CS3 to continue :'<
thanks again


whao pal i can see about not having a voice but a ittle background music wouldnt've hurt it......soooo 3/10 4/5

kiLLerjaCKal responds:

Thanks for rating.
Yeah, I know... Sadly, something I over looked. :(
I'll put more effort into my next Flash, though.

very impressive o.o

that was such a good animation for being ur first nice job :D
when you do something youve never done before no matter how poorly it turns out you are on your way to doing it better the next time :) so fuk DRSiEVE he dont have any flash submissions and he complain hahaha what a lame guy
and ur first time wasnt bad :D

kiLLerjaCKal responds:

thank you very much. :3
I appreciate that a lot. I worked very hard and took a lot of time firguring things out, so reviews like your's really make me wanna get up and do another one ASAP. :)
thanks again! <3

Pretty good

This is pretty good, especially for a first timer. Graphics weren't amazing and neither was sound (and I hated the ending), but the animation was okay.

kiLLerjaCKal responds:

Thanks :)
I'll try harder next time.


so fucking boring

im not gonna lie try a little harder than that

then maybe you might get somewhere

this is not good.

no sound=boring and lame

kiLLerjaCKal responds:

I know it's not that great. It's my first flash... I respect that you don't like it, but that's a really mean way to put it.

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Apr 5, 2009
6:26 PM EDT
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