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Cribbage Square

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Apr 5, 2009 | 12:49 AM EDT

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Place the cards on the 4x4 grid and combine them with the Starter Card to create Cribbage Hands. Aces count as low.

Hover over the score on each row/column after placing all 4 cards to see how that hand was scored.

Each hand can earn points in different ways:

Flushes (4 or 5 points)
A four-card flush using all the cards in a row or column is worth 4 points. An extra point is added if the Starter Card matches the suit of the four-card flush.

Runs (3 - 5 points each)
A run consists of three or more cards with sequential rank. (5-6-7, or 8-9-T). Multiple runs can be made on each hand with cards that share the same rank:

If a hand consists of 3c-4h-5s-5c-6s, there are two runs of four cards each:
3c-4h-5s-6s (4 points)
3c-4h-5c-6s (4 points)

Pairs (2 points each)
Each pair is worth 2 points. Three-of-a-kinds are worth 6 points "Pair Royale". Four-of-a-kinds are worth 12 points "Double Pair Royale". These scores are based on how many individual pairs each hand contains.

If a hand consists of 3s-5c-8h-8c-8s, there are three pairs:
8h-8c, 8h-8s, & 8c-8s (Total 6 points)

Fifteens (2 points each)
Each combination of cards that adds up to fifteen is worth 2 points.

If a hand consists of 2c-3h-7s-Qs-Ks, there are two combinations that add up to fifteen:
2c-3h-Qs & 2c-3h-Ks (Total 4 points)

Jack In Nobs (1 points)
A Jack in the hand that matches the suit of the Starter Card.

Jack In Heels (2 points)
A Jack in the Starter Card.

*For those who haven't played Cribbage before, the scoring can be confusing at first. However, you can click on the score of a row or a column to see how the points were earned.

Click the lock icon to prevent the game from automatically continuing to the next round. This is useful if you want to see all of your hand information before it is scored. Click the lock open to continue to the next round.


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