LOZ: N64 Ocarina

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Nintendo made Kongregate REMOVE this game from their site because I used Nintendos sound effects and characters and got a $5.00 profit >_< Now I'm uploading this game here, where hopefully it won't get removed because I'm not making any "profit" on Newgrounds.
Anyway, this is a Virtual Ocarina. It's played by clicking the buttons on the N64 controller with your mouse, and it still needs lots of improvements. You can currently choose an instrument from 8 different types (Links Ocarina, Malons Voice, And Sheiks harp to name a few) and play most of the songs (not the complete versions, I don't know how to script that yet T_T)
It may lacking a few features, but even I have fun with it while I'm bored :D
I don't know how Newgrounds works compared to Kongregate, but please don't remove this game :'(
Credits to HelpTheWretched and The Big N for the audio!



i like it

i like the game but if u were able to put more work in it like add the rings when u play a song or give us a list of all songs would b nice i only gave 9/10 becuz the goron wasnt in it

nice.Who wants to know how play to a song?

If u want to know how to play then,playLOZocarina of time.
to play sarias song, u must press down right left 2 times.
thats all im telling u.

kongregate you mothah f-....

i stopped playing on kongregate because this game site has been around for 15 years and kongregate i dont know but i think newgrounds is the original flash games audio movie porno (>X3) siteand its better then kongregate....so i dont know why they removed your game but newgrounds will accept alot more then kongregate.....(hints the porno... >x3)

awsome! but

but one thing... that would make it alot better in my opinion use the arrow keys for the c keys and space for A as like an extra option or somthing but its fun to click around with them anyways ^^ just hard to do somthing faster though cuz of the clicking. and being able to hold a note instead of just playing it 9/10 cuz of those things but 5/5

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2.97 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2009
8:26 PM EDT
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