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Krizy & The Bakas

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A romantic actioncomedy about a stickman called KRIZY.

HAHAHAHAHA ... uh yeah .. I really appriciate reviews,

so please review and ... ENJOY MY 2 WEEKS OF WORK :D!

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Lol, that was sweet XD I really enjoyed that :DD And the music you used matched and sounded really good :0 Any ETA on the second one? D:

Krizy responds:

OOOO...HEY! I think I know who you are! D:
You're- You're- ...the every weekday guy!!!
Man, long time no see I guess :D
Thanks for reviewing dude, and about the sequel,
I have no idea :S ...Maybe 2010 lol (working slowly)


Ja, veldig bra, kompis! (xd)
Smmmuuut animasjon! & og veldig bra storyline!

Krizy responds:

Taksgaduha kompis!! :D :D


The graphics were pretty worthy and well, I liked how the story was so realistic. This could actual be a possible event man. It's so good it looks like it should be a game. If you're gonna create a game version, contact me.

Krizy responds:

Hah thanks dude! :D
I'm not the best programmer :P,
you got programming skills?
We'll talk about it ^^

If it reaches 4, You have to buy me a milkshake C:

Over the Interwebz. ¬_¬. Anyway. Good work. nice overall animation. fairly smooth. Some funny parts (The strip club and Boss part was best part) Fairly generic storyline though.

Krizy responds:

Hehehe yeah, I just can't make some real tragetic action :P
Everything I do turns into something funny :P
thanks for reviewing dude! :D :D


U relly improve from ur other projects, glad u didn't give this one up bcoz of massive layers xD <no offence>
Keep it upp @@


Krizy responds:

XD, :D! this time, I had full control of my layers.
1 for enemies, 1 for our hero, 3 for backgrounds,
and things like that. :3
Thanks alot' dude, and YOU, keep it up too X3