Madness Agitation 3

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Wow Daily 4th, not bad guy's, guess we done good eh?
Also Ag3 is now on youtube if anyone's interested:
http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=RXEZdYpx Iq0

Lol Krinkels approves:

Very well done, all parties involved. There's really nothing I can say bad about this at all. It's all delightful. Bonus points to those of you who made your own sprites and double plus ultra points to every one of you for not simply recycling old ideas. I mean, come on he stuffed a guy into a revolver and fired him out of it, awesome! The Pimp advanced l33t agent, the smooth 3d, the on and above par animation, I can go on and on, but I need not, this is an evenly awesome toon.


Yeah it's finally here, after near a year of slacking off, i decided to continue work on this.

The third installment of A.C.E Corn's Agitation series is finally finished and ready for viewing by you lovely people, so enjoy and make sure to leave a review and vote fairly.

It's 5.18MB in size and just over 3 minutes and 20 seconds long so there should be enough there to keep you lot happy, but yeah, please let it load up.

EDIT*** The replay button doesn't work right at the end, don't let it ruin it for you, all it does is show up later than it should of done then just not work lol. AHHWELLLL

EDIT*** Ace is now rightfully in the Co-Authors, luck aswell i had one more space left :3



i really like the animating and effort you put in to this. i have a question, where do u get those sprite sheets?

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mega awesome

all these artists was made a big effort, expecially sunshaft, little lucky link and you fatshark, cuz have so much time you guys don´t make animations with so much action like that, and finally i saw your new character in action, yeah he is good

well, let me say more things

Ergo engan have a very advanced skills at animating, i hope he use it to make madness movie

splurgle made a very impressing part, we are happy to see you animating back after almost 2 years

alpha-nuva impressed me too with 3D effect in the pimp l33t guy´s hat, but the chainsaw part was lame, need more gorey sound and the chainsaw sound loop

delta66 was bad, cuz he don´t make the things right, where is the sanford
bandana´s back part ? and the l33t guys have orange blood, ORANGE BLOOD, and at last the cold python, he use it as a sub-machine gun... WTF ???

Slipz, yeah he animate a little, but he is exagerated in the deaths, nothing personal, the kai sprites is old, the only thing of i like is the 3D effect in the doors entrace, but his second part was better, without sound but it´s good

K that´s enought

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FATSHARK responds:

Thanks for the review and quite a review it is!

Hell to the "yes"

Astounding I must say, some gave me my fix for a need of randomness and violent madness, truly this is the prominent madness collaboration. Krinkels himself is proud.

FATSHARK responds:

Always glad to help you aquire your fix boiiii


it could though, get a daily 2 place.
but well, whateva.

the good:
splglrurrerlreurgrpugulrepulreprgrlep uglpelu or whatever he's called, made the most randm part even if it's too random,but still.
slipz made it smooth and excellent.
fatshark was almost like alien slushie, and he is one of the best...
alpha-nuva made it waaaaay to unreal, a character can't just jump round like some doll with strings.
engan's new style sux, but it's good animated, so it's still good.
sunshaft was way better then I thought he was.
LLL very good.

the bad:
slipz sprites arent the best.
splugreuerleugrelerugluerluerglureglr ueleuleugleug's animaton wasn't the best and so wasn't the sprites.
fatsharks was too short.
alphas was too jumpy doll-like animated.
engan's new style SUX, to be honest.
and of course he has way too much :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 and OLOLOLOL, random, and that ''angry face is angry.'' style.
sunshaft could imrpove more on the moving and walking.
LLL could work with a little more tweens then he does. but still good.

so, nice work!

exiting and awesome

it was most definatly exiting

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4.17 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2009
4:15 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place April 5, 2009