Sworn Protection

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I got the actuall file up!

*Read this before doing any of the following:Changing the page, Devouring the souls of kittens,
dancing or using the washroom. Most levels have no bosses. At that time you are supposed to protect your bases from destruction by deflecting them with your bullets. Don't try to follow the storyline , because it might make you burst into tears. Sometimes the text is cut off. Other times bosses will appear randomly. When he does appear kill him, but when he is invisible don't. If you actually manage to beat the game you will get a code. PM the code for something. I'm wondering why my file size is so small. Hmm... I think that's it.

1:When you get weapon changes sometimes you get a complex missile that follows your every move

2:Do not complain about the difficulty please

3: A good strategy is making a straight line of bullets with good timing when against a boss. If the boss runs into the first, the second will hit him and so on

4:When facing a boss with homing missiles, you can a)use your own bullets to deflect them b)Use enemy bullets from above to deflect them

5:I worked pretty long on this one

6:Remember:No dancing while doing the hula and throwing pineapples at a half eaten dog.

greg.guevara.angelfire.co m


Not a game

This is not a game. None of the buttons do anything. If you had submitted this on 4/1, I would have voted five, but this fails it.

"If you are giving this submission a low score, please offer constructive criticism that will be useful to the artist."

Next time make a game.

gargle-greg responds:

??? It's made

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2.17 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2009
7:08 PM EDT
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