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So, it's the usual deal. You've been sent to find a missing diplomat who was off to make contact with a tribe of gnolls. After finding the body guards and camp destroyed you rush off to save her from being sacrificed to their demon...er... thing. Another day in the hero biz.

Collect coins, health, and weapon power ups as you hack and slash your way to victory. Play both single and multiplayer modes to collect all 21 trophies.

Click the ground to move, double click to run, and use ASD to attack and defend. Keep your health up and defeat all enemies to make it through to the next stage. Rinse, repeat.

More work by the artist can be found on his Web comic site @ threepanelsoul.com


needs to improve

this game was great i like the battle system but it got boring and repeatitive after a while, killing the same enemy over and over got annooying

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I remember playing this game on the Whirled website some time back. It's pretty fun, but gets repetitive quickly. Pretty much boils down to rushing at an enemy, light attacking, and retreating. That's meta-gaming for you I suppose.

It does seem to have a lot of little interesting things such as energy levels and weapon upgrades. However, I never really seemed to notice them affecting anything.

Controls were a bit off I believe. I didn't care much for clicking where I wanted to move. It's a valid method, but I think using the arrow keys would've been more effective for the gameplay.

The graphics are really what made the game enjoyable. The enemies were adorable, and the animation was nice and smooth. Everything looked really polished and clean, which I loved. Sound got a bit repetitive though.

All in all, pretty nice, but not great. I enjoyed it somewhat.

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it was ok.

The game is quite decent, the sound effects and graphics are decent, but I absolutly cannot stand the movement, I hate having to click to do every little piece of shit, why the hell didn't you just use the bloody arrow keys! Just because of the movement im gonna give this game a 6. If you improve the movement then I might consider giving this a good review.


Great game, fun, but needs some serious kinks worked out.


one big drawback ive found is the stamina bar... if you run too far you have to recharge, but it also limits your ability to swing, not enough stamina means you can swing. but there is also a limit on strikes in succession too. even with full stamina you can only strike 3(?) times before a pause and then a new cycle of attacks. remove one of these limits and itll improve the gameplay immensely.

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3.93 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2009
6:46 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler