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EDIT: Ive uploaded the Intro for the game if anyone is interested. Im really sorry its not in the actual game, but I thought Id submit it rather than let it sit on my hard drive and rot!
View it here: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/490862

Thank you so much for front page and daily feature Tom!

Fight through antarctica killing 19 enemies and bosses in this intense sidescrolling shooter.
Buy new weapons and upgrades to build up your arsenal and take out the Penguin king!

15 enemies and 4 bosses.
9 weapons with 33 upgrades and 6 special upgrades.

Arrow keys to move and jump, mouse to aim and fire.
P to pause (and change music / sound options) !!!!

Hope you have fun and leave a review!



For everything Penguinz delivers, it has half as many drawbacks, half of which revolves around how the designers seemingly threw it together without considering where they could expand upon... and what they could have done without. The track loops very poorly. It needs an action-script gotoAndPlay that playbacks at a proper cut-off point, or tweak the track through a freeware sound file editor like Audacity. Don't feel bad; many flash designers fail to edit loops properly. Now, for game design, it's an arena-styled shooter akin to defense games. The swarms get bigger and bigger and you must find new ways to handle each wave of adversaries. Occsaionally, a boss proves troublesome for the unwary. This game requires more arcade-inspired mechanics to flesh it out. The game has diversity of munitions and minions, but not in environments. It's hard to tell if hills add strategic depth since character running speeds do not adjust while climbing up or sliding down. Sliding down slopes and ramming enemies would be cool. Improving enemy AI isn't such a bad idea, either. They just run in and strike from a prescribed distance, mob tactics with little chance of handling superior firepower. You can easily pick them off with the minigun. The arsenal is also imbalanced. The minigun trumps all in terms of efficiency and safety; even the chainsaw--with theoretically unlimited ammunition--is a death wish because melee doesn't work! Not a bad game overall but it really needs some things to be drastically fixed for a sequel.

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Jimp responds:

Dont worry the sequel will destroy this in every way.



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Nice game to let your rage out on.


if your looking for a great shooter like that of bunny kill were the only way to survive is to keep buying new weapons with the money you earn from killing your enemies, you came to the right place

Very Nice

Loved it from the start.
Got the hang of it.
Was kinda easy tho. (lil too easy)
But still a very good game.
Good job.

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4.37 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2009
6:58 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun