At Heaven's Gates

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Hope you'll enjoy. If not, burn in hell.

Also, those who were at the karayoke bar in the London Meet might recognize the song.



I really cant bleave that newgrounds net that go through. I mean your prospective on heaven and saying that only catlets can go is so messed up. Sorry if it offends you in any way.

AlmightyHans responds:

you obviously have no sense of humor. *tickles*

?????? your kidding right !!!

Cant really think of what to comment on about this but I do agree with "LordAkco" the term faggot was not to cool...

AlmightyHans responds:

what about toggaf? is that okay? it's just Faggot backwards, but it doesn't really sound the same right? "Toe-Gaff" so it doesn't mean the same. hm... let's try that.

listen, pal. words have different meanings depending on what context they are said in and the way they are presented. I hate when words like retard, n****r or faggot, become Lord Voldemort's inbred cousin. Where no matter what, the moment they are mentioned it's just "bad". people need to stop and think for just a minute. and rather than react impulsively to the sound of a some syllables.

Point is. Words shouldn't be offensive. What should be is what's slapped on them when used. Hate, Love, Joke, Sarcasm. All these words do to people like you is create speed bumps in the flow of a joke. because you're not actually listening. if you were, you'd get the sarcasm in this entire movie. you see it too superficially.

sorry, had to get that off my chest . :(

ahh man

really funny keep it up


suprising ending. Pretty funny and well animated.

Kinda alkward...

Its pretty funny and all, good animation, but it just kinda has something I dislike that I can't put my finger on.

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4.33 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2009
12:34 AM EDT
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