At Heaven's Gates

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Hope you'll enjoy. If not, burn in hell.

Also, those who were at the karayoke bar in the London Meet might recognize the song.



Thats way you should live life to the fullest. Oh wait I'm Jewish so this doesn't apply to me.


I liked it, it reminds me of a convasation i had with a gay friend of mine a while back, good for a quick laugh and was well animated, the voice acting was accurate (by that i mean that it suited what you were trying to accomplish). nice one.


This movie rules, but c'mon! You don't have to take the review shpeal seriously, Speakdino. This ain't the Academy Awards here.

AlmightyHans responds:

but because it's rare that people take these things seriously. it's always nice to read the sudden serious reviews.

Very good ending.

Diagnostic- The animation was very smooth, the voice acting was impressive, the punchline(ending) was very funny, and this was a great flash over all. 9/10 5/5
The sudden ending is in my opinion the best part of this flash. Thanks.

Side note: I understood the message.
Rant Mode!!!!!
I've seen too many uneducated reviews and I feel as though I must clarify a few things.
1.) In a review, you must give constructive criticism regarding:
Voice Acting
2.) You should not review a person on their message, only the quality of the flash itself.
I give this a nine out of ten because this was a very impressive flash animation done by Hans and his actors. In no way did I include the message of this flash, or the vocabulary in my score. The rating clearly says mature for explicit audio (fagot) and explicit adult themes (gays/not gays in heaven or hell). So anyone who reviews strictly on this are clearly not mature enough to handle these kinds of flashs. Flashs like this is what gives newgrounds its reputation and uniqueness.
Since a lot of people rate and score in this way, a lot of ratings and scores are unjustified. I should be able to make a 1 second flash that says, "Doing sins is that best thing ever." I guarantee that most people will give me a 0 because of the message, and not because my flash has no animation, poor graphics, and no kind of entertainment.

I hope this helps newbie and veteran users score and rate using a little more thought.

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AlmightyHans responds:

wow. thanks!

its as ofense to catolics like me

but its soo freakin funny, this time we will allow it ! >:-]

AlmightyHans responds:

dammit. if only the catholic religion attacked this cartoon. every time they label something evil (example: The Da Vinci Code) it get's so much more attention. :(

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4.33 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2009
12:34 AM EDT
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