Call of Eennaamhier

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This is my first flash submision on this website.
Its the BASIC ENGINE for a game i"m making : "Call of Eennaamhier".
For help click on the "help" button.
***btw i forgot the preloader so please wait.

== edit 01==
I forgot to mention that you cant die yet in this version.
== end edit 01 ==

Please only constructive comments on this and if u find any bugs please pm me.

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vraagje ben je belg of nederlander

schadow-of-an-angel responds:

Een nederlander maar kon je dat niet in een pm vragen (btw staat ook op mijn newgrounds profiel)

Pretty good for what it is

Controls nicely, and looks good.

It may just be me, but the background appears to scroll a little fast.

Spacebar is a nice reload button, as it's easier to find then the usual 'R' key (I'm a baby and hate outstretching my index finger ever so slightly to hit the 'R' key, so what, right?)

Also, I appear to be holding automatic weapons... that don't fire as such -- my finger got tired.

I think I saw one of the scrolling frames come out of place, and I saw a grey box along the side instead of background picture. If it helps, I believe I was jumping backwards and shooting when this happened. I tried to recreate it, but couldn't. I hope that helps somehow.

Keep up the good work. :-)

--mister. jones

schadow-of-an-angel responds:

Thanks for the review.
I think i made the Grey box thing when i made a version that i could put on the web so there wouldn't be to many unfinished things in there that would slow down the game but this mean i just placed it wrong in this so it will be fixed in the next time. And about the background do u mean the sky or the city?

needs more enemies

Need's like trillions of enemys!

Killing one is boring
Killing five is boring
Killing ten is fun!


have a crazy amount of types of enemies, like maybe 30 or something... you could even throw in some other basic shapes like squares or triangles.... maybe you can have a buddy to help you through your quest... upgrade weapons shouldn't be available for the entire game just between missions or you could have a store appear throught several levels... you could make ramps or rails for the main character to roll on... if this is a scripting issue ( i wouldn't have a clue) you could make cut scenes for this... you could make cut scenes in general... there is a lot you can do with this game... just get creative

schadow-of-an-angel responds:

I will add more in the game next time im just posting it here to see what people like and if there are bugs etc.
and there will be working on a storyline and more kinds of enemy's next.


Good, but get rid of the Dutch words in the game.
klik = click
geweer = gun

I don't mind, I can understand it. But I assume many others do not.

schadow-of-an-angel responds:

Thanks for the comment.
i kinda look over the dutch words i'm so used to it that and i am not really good at grammar.

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Apr 2, 2009
12:47 PM EDT
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