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I made this for my school project. hope you like it=D

programs i used was Flash, Cinema 4d and AE.
I did the sound werry close to the end of the project time(last day=/), so it isnt perfect but meby i fix it later on, now i need a little break from captain awesome and his friends hehe=)


i hope you understand

I apologize for giving a bad review... i know it suckz getting them..
but i'm just the kind of person who hates this kind of flash...
everything was great at the begining, captain awesome was truly awesome
and the animation and colors where really eye-catching and well made...
but... when i saw the hamster... bleeding, upside-down, and half killed,
i almost felt sick and lost all the respect and joy i had while watching the flash..
sorry bout the review dude... i know you must've spent a lot of time on it,
but i just couldn't help myself... i had to writte this...
for all the vegetarians or at least people who respect death...
it's not something to laugh about... it really isn't...
Life is the most precious thing you can lose...
and when a life is lost... you feel empty... specially if it's someone you knew
and cared for... even if it's an animal (...a hamster...)
some kids...some little 5-6 year old kids.. have a sick humour
and enjoy hitting things and hurting creatures...
this flash represented it well..
and even though i love super-heroes and animations..
i must give this a 0 ... sorry

why does he kill hamsters... 0

no 1 kills hamsters it 's just not good man you are an animal assasin you are....

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3.73 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2009
4:24 AM EDT