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Only Slightly

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Author Comments

I have much more that could be put into these, but I thought I'd cut it short and see what you all thought about it before making more. Hope you all enjoy.

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That last part about chris hansen was HILARIOUS.

I laughed so hard my ass got a crack in it...

This was extremely random to say the least.

It's not my cup of tea but it does serve it's purpose well.

Though the animation and voicing could've been a bit better. I can see taking this concept to a whole new level of humor.

Nicely done and unique

I thought that overall the little snippets were humorous or otherwise interesting, and the minimalistic sketchpad drawings went well with them. Maybe if you could find some way to cohere them to each other, or otherwise one long stream of consciousness, otherwise I loved it.

Mad Libs

One of those few videos that actually made me laugh out loud. Great dialogue, and the animation wasn't that bad either. My only complaint would be that the text for the script went faster than he was reading it. Loved the Mad Libs joke.

Very funny stuff

It was very funny and I really like the style it was done in, it felt really original.