The Endless Drop

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I was playing Falldown in class one day, and my mind started wandering. I thought, "What is at the top of the screen that this little ball is so scared of? What is at the bottom that is so enticing, and why is it always just out of reach?"

This one is more of an art project.

Put on your thinking caps.



suprizingly good, story wise. Definitly needs a sequel. I like the simplicity of it all. Oh and the music is great.

Whats next?

Whats at the end??? No end?! Come on, it was a good game but you need to tell us whats next. Plz?

Try to think of an ending, then a sequel :D

You did a good job with art, but I could not see what I was gonna hit. If you can, make it so you can move up and down and not just left and right.

good way to kill time

it was a good game. the could be better if you control the fireball by slowing it down to avoid the barriers, beside just going left and right. overall i liked it


the game was okay not very original though

hmm...it was okay

I think the animation was pretty good, the flames and the little light that shined off the ball. But I think that there should have been more obstacles, like spikes, fans, or fire. And then i think you could have made it so that you were set in the middle of the screen so you could have seen everything that was coming towards you. and what was with the end? You just have to land on the first block and then the end. I think you should have made it so you had to fly out of it and there were things going down or something...

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3.58 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2009
7:09 PM EDT
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