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Sanjay: the Jolly Punjabi

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Grab your menthols, it's time to Jihad!

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.. 0.0 I think indians would find this offence due to the lame dance ..

Best thing on NG

I loved this if only because the animated loop made me laugh and the song got stuck in my head. :)

So much Stereotyping..

This man was not Punjabi, the only thing which looked it was Daler Mendhi's dancing body

The song is neither at all Punjabi, it is a Sri Lankan language called 'Tamil' and not connected to Punjab at all.. The song was catchie though...

I know the video was intended for humor, but it lacked white, and was just a waste of space on Newgrounds. It just went in a Loop like that of a tacky GIF image... I do not know how the creator of this, could even pass this off as entertainment.

How funny

Under "Cast" you put someone named "Crew"! I guess it's hard for me to hate this because it was submitted on April Fool's Day, so it was not meant to be taken seriously. I just wish that the music was better and it did not exist in a loop. It seems to be the same person's head superimposed on all of the bodies. I would have liked it more if the original song was there. At least I got to see some familiar names works on this.

At least the picture itself seems to kind of stand out. I was just watching some online images that tried to look 3D without actually being 3D. I am open to new things, but this just came off as weird. I guess I should look closer to see the date of submissions. The song is not the worst, but it will take some getting used to.

One thing to say...

This is awesome! Ma pen0r is teh solid now.