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Ok, I thought it time to do an Egoraptor tribute.
My idea was call of duty 4.

I hope you like it. ^______^.

Phew! I have been working on this project for the past year collaborating with various talents such as,
Rtil (OMG!!!)
And various other talents! I am amazed at the support I've gotten! Thank you all for believing in me, I hope you can tell your hard work HAS in fact, payed off. XD
This is my biggest and best flash movie yet, as I have probably spent 50 hours in total on it.
I have been talking to Tom about a shirt deal, featuring famous quotes from the movie such as "HOLY FUCK A TANK!" and "BITCH SHUT UP THIS IS A WAR!" and (possibly) "N***A THAT SHITS A NUKE!!"
Words cannot describe the love I've put into this movie.
In fact during the making of this movie, a friend, who I've known since I was 8, died in a fatal car crash. I went to her funeral, praying to god to bring her back.
I knew she was gone forever.
I was going to give up making this movie and never animate again, I was so sad.
It even got to the point where i vowed not to play video games for an entire week.

THAT'S how sad I was.

Anyway, as she was being lowered into the ground, I noticed she was holding something. "WAIT!!" I shouted as I ran towards her coffin. I finally got there in tears and I opened hr hand up. She was holding a piece of paper. My hands were shaking as i opened up the paper and read the text that was scribbled on it.
"Wha..wh.." I stuttered. I cleared my throat and wiped my eyes. Everyone was watching me. Slowly I began reading again.

"What... What the fuck.. No one... No one told me there were lasers there."

I smiled and looked up at the sky as the rain fell down.
And I knew in my heart.
I knew I had to make this cartoon.

In memory of -
.:Eliza Montgomery:.

Enjoy the toon. :)

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This kinda blows.


I don't know whether to laugh or cry

im sorry

but how is this supposed to be funny.
it is not.
and how is this supposed to be rated for everyone anyway?

The review is twisted and horrible.

what does this have to do with cod?

the description was relly twisted


Waste of my damn time!

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2.44 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2009
1:29 PM EDT
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