Soviet Union Anthem

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A tribute to the great comrade of China.
Proletarians of the World, Unite!

EDIT: OMG. Not only did this not get blammed, but it also got positive (and serious) reviews? Amazing.
BTW I did this for the lulz of NG's Aprill Fools, this flash does not express any of my positive or negative views on the Soviet Union, Communism, Russia etc. And I'm not Russian, but I do speak the language.

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You got blammed because some of the viewers were or descended from cold war survivors I guess. Or it could be that its just one picture. This needs some animation than just a picture. Its like making Deutchland Uber Alles during High Noon Israeli time zone and just one picture of a german flag.

Dude just take 4.5 without reason.

"Not only did this not get blammed..."
Yeah, seriously. All the up-votes must be from Trolls or patriotic soviets with no taste in art.

Yeah, possibly the most bland generic thing I've seen with a rating above 2 stars.
I clicked out of curiosity (The Olympics are in Russia on TV right now, so I thought it might be about that, or maybe a political cartoon).

Yet I somehow appreciate your trolling and "Aprill Fools" joke, I can only facepalm at the high rating this has.

Well, well...thisis a surprise - the 1st vid that can acutally confuse me.Honeslty dude, I don't know how much to give you, so I will make it average - 2.5 stars.As a video it doesn't deserve much - a picture+some music.That's it.HOWEVER I do like the music(even though I wasn't born during soviet times) and I understang the text(to some degree, having a native language, close to russian).As to the debate about communism vs. capitalism I am not well informed.I have studied about it and I have watched films about both "regimes"(sorry but i don't know another word in english).I have come to the conclusion, that yes - the soviets do have their cons but I know that capitalism this goddamn HEAVEN, which I am wanted to belive it is.An here is my answear to the previous comment by punisher1 - I already said that I am not informed on communism but don't tell me that "democrasy" is better.Aren't there guys, who don't have enough money to buy a goddamn bread these days?Or maybe ALL goverment on the worldd are perfect with no trace of corrupcy?Let's talk about one USA's biggest triumphs of democrasy - Iraq.The americans cane, guns blazing, killing many innoccents and now what - they just get some free oil, while "democratic" Iraq is going down.even worse what it was BEFORE another "war for freedom".And as for "slave labor" - no, we would murder slavers.How many guys are working their asses off because they have to pay back debts?And to be honest I don't see big difference between banks/mafia.Oh the mafia comes and breaks a part of your body but the bank comes and buys your property at an awful cost.Which is worse?I don't say that to defence of the soviet union I say it at an offence of capitalism and the banks.

pretty funny that some of you turds really believe the soviet union was great. Lets forgot the crushing poverty, the murder of millions through slave labor, the corupted failed communist government that quickly ceased being what communiusm is suppose to be(of laughable dream a best). Hell the russian mafia practically runs russia today and guess what they kind of did before as well. Slow golf clap to all you fools who want that.

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3.87 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2009
12:28 PM EDT
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