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Xyonix - China Tetris

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Author Comments

Ported from a Korean game ((c)Philko 1989) but I guess it can be approved by the China government !

To start game press [Space] then [X]

[Space] : Insert credit
[X] : Start / Rotate
[C] : Quick move
[Arrows] : move

EDIT : This is not swastika in the building, this is Manju !! (nothing related to nazi)

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Ha! That description on the front page tho

Good game but...

whats with the nazi mark in the middle of the screen were the woman shows up?

Nice port

I'm only writing this in rebuttal to the ignorantly posted review directly below this one... "The swastika (from Sanskrit svástika %u0938%u094D%u0935%u0938%u094D%u0924%
u093F%u0915) is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles, in either right-facing (%u5350) form or its mirrored left-facing (%u534D) form. Archaeological evidence of swastika-shaped ornaments dates from the Neolithic period. It occurs mainly in the modern day culture of India, sometimes as a geometrical motif and sometimes as a religious symbol. It remains widely used in Eastern religions / Dharmic religion such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Though once commonly used all over much of the world without stigma, because of its iconic usage in Nazi Germany the symbol has become stigmatized in the Western world, notably even outlawed in Germany."

I did wiki it... douche


I like tetris. That said, this is a nice tetris game, with the little fact that it is completely unoriginal, with irritating music (but you tend to ignore it) and with a stupid difficulty algorithm that speeds the game up when you're about to lose. Another problem is the control scheme: it's way too confusing and doesn't explain the second player. So basically this is another Tetris clone. Alexej Pajitnov would wish he could sue you and everyone else who cloned his game if he played this.

Oh, and by the way, that thing on the "building" is a nazi Swastika. Please do not argue with me on that point. If you do not believe me, do inform yourself. May I suggest wikipedia?


Good points; the game was fun and engrossing.
Bad points; the music was terribly tinny.

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2009
6:15 AM EDT