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Hammer 'n' Sickle

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Well, my first submission since my Digital Media days at Drexel University.

Even beyond the April Fool's Day joke, I'm pretty proud of the actual movie -- and not just because of the sweet-ass title, but because of the hard work spent writing, voicing, and animating! Seriously.


hey tanned turtle

communism sucks socialism sucks but at least they we're good ideas capitalism's goal was always to fuck someone up the ass capitalism bred consumerism which is why the world is in a shithole because america is full of consumerist whores who spend their hard earned money on the latest and greatest fuck u up the ass fad and thus caused a demand for the rest of the world then when americas banks found a great new way to fatten their own already stuffed wallets everyone else stopped buying so much pointless shit and so now all of americas providers have to live in makeshift box houses because of our fucking economic system so yea while the commies suck your balls your constant economic ignorance is pounding your bumhole

Fuck damn it.

Fuck the Chinese theme and fuck the Chinesed themed submissions... I'm actually just trying to screw with the the filter.
Bad, China. Bad.

pretty good

thats was pretty funny, punch line wasn't really there though which is essential in a short flash like this, try some more i'll watch


Soviet Union + Peoples Republic of China= I dont know anymore.
Hammer + Sickle = Congratulation, you have baby communism. :)

really great

i really like. one of my favourite 'shapes in a line' so far.

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3.73 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2009
3:02 AM EDT
Comedy - Original

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