I Like Chinese!

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This on-line animated movie is my first cartoon of mine in my time I have to make! I draw many pictography for dancing and fun enjoyment. Your eyes will enjoy my many work!



Strange flash, this one is. No likes but no dislikes too. 4/10

LOL Stereo-type

They are covering up the 4th month of the year in all post... 4/1/09, this is clearly a silly gag. Why else couldn't you say the name of the month? lol.

I admit I like the people of the chinese republic or w/e you like to call it, but I could give two-shits for there government, no wait, I wouldn't even give that.
People there can be cool though just like here, but again fuck their gay ass government.

Loved your flash, it is so true 10/10 5/5. Hope to see more from you ;) but I'm sure this is just for sh1t's and giggles, lol.

Happy Apr1L F00L's Day everyone.

Well the animation is good

The song is rather catchy too, but the topic and theme are nothing I approve. It is rather one-sided and borders propaganda...

I didnt like it

You used the Same Movie clip of the Chinese people dancing throughout the whole movie and it seemed a little dull.

chinese are not so nice

i hted the idea of it but the tune was catchy but i hope all the censorship on newgrounds is just to fuck with us and it wont last for long

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Apr 1, 2009
2:58 AM EDT
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