I Like Chinese!

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This on-line animated movie is my first cartoon of mine in my time I have to make! I draw many pictography for dancing and fun enjoyment. Your eyes will enjoy my many work!


Great April Fools Joke

Lovin' it... lovin' it I say!


I really liked the song, it is very appealing (and I mostly listen to heavy stuff like metal, but I still like it :P) and the animations were ok... I could'nt do any better lol

Good luck with the upcoming ones ^^

Ok we get it

Ok it's midnight, April's fool is over. Bring back Newgrounds please I want some Mature game for god sakes!!!

Done with newgrounds

I dont want to watch this kind of stuff i want to watch madness not some crap F---u china rice pickerin uglys

Very Nice!

It's cute and simple. I enjoyed it a lot.
You made me miss China a bit. I was an English teacher there for 6 months (^^) I still talk to my students every weekend using QQ and I miss them all terribly.
I would also be a little less bored now that this site is Chinese approved. It used to drive me crazy that I couldn't visit.
You'll probably get a lot of criticism from ignorant jerks on this site. Ignore it :) I am sure that as you get more practice, your animations will become better.
Good luck. Even if this site has a lot of annoying, ignorant teenagers, you do have some friends here.

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Apr 1, 2009
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