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So here's my second flash. It's more kind of a test. I had something with a flipbook in mind but here it's called frame by frame. It's pretty rushed, but I guess these 10 seconds you're watching aren't for waste.

Please comment, should I improve my drawing skill or should I stick with sprites?

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"Fine, Jeez!"

Wow, I really liked how the frame-by-frame animation turned out, very unique flipbook-like style. It definitely is a lot of work, and I know how impatient you can be. You already told me that this has only a framerate of 8 fps, but looking at the result and the (by the way very cool) 360 camera turnaround, I say it's very well worth to do some fbf Matrix-Style manoeuvres in your future submissions.

Now start working on a bigger, more epic project, Karttibone!

Greez Jonggel


Definitly stay with frame by frame man! I know how you can draw so: hell yeah! Just do it, karttibone!

Karttibone responds:

But it's so much work!


If you want good scores, here's a few pointers.

A) Don't say what number flash it is. It sounds like you're trying to make excuses, so people go into watching already expecting something pretty bad.
B) Don't call it a test. If it's really a test or practice, you shouldn't really be submitting it.

There were absolutely no colors and the FBF wasn't pretty. Your only characters consisted of sticks, some of the most lazy characters ever (besides sprites). It's a big jump to go from sticks to full characters (I was a stick addict at one time, too), but it's worth it if you succeed.

Having said that, you did great with the camera pan, and the FBF wasn't too bad. For your second movie, you could have done a lot worse. Just try to clean up your lines (use onion skinning if you're not already), try to add music, try to add sounds, try to add color (not mandatory, but recommended), and you could have some cool stuff. RIght now it's just some black squiggles that somewhat resemble something dancing around in a blank white canvas.

So yeah. Not good, but with some practice you could get good. Just keep using FBF and keep up the good work with the changing camera angles and camera panning.

Karttibone responds:

Cool. Thank you.


I liked the effect of the guy dodging the.. thing.

This movie was just too short.

good for a second

I liked the 360 pan of the guy and the ball. i think you have potential.

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2.97 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2009
6:48 PM EDT

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