a simple maze game

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this is my first try at making a maze game

if people like it ill try to make a better one with over twenty levels and better art

if you have some ideas of levels for this please help me out and ill credit you in a new one

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I love this but it really reminds me of the scary maze game, which I only just saw today (I don't go on the internet often xD) I hated the SMG so I was really paranoid while playing this game. But I read the comments and no one was flipping out so I gave it a shot. And I loved it! The only thing wrong with it is that when you die you have to start over... but maybe some people like that, I'm not good at video games. But... yeah. Great game.

Not enough levels, and...

You also made the choice to enable cheating with the right click menu, which wasn't smart. Hell, you can just forward through the frames!

Nice one.


acedareaper responds:

lol im collaberating on a new one it will have highscores,cheats disabled,way more scores,and much much more features coming soon

Too easy!

OK, heres the thing, its simple to finish because you can cheat. Make it so you cant cheat, therefore greatly increasing the difficulty and you have a better game. Time to finish all screens, 8 seconds. For proof; press start, you enter game screen, press and hold left mouse button and move to exit point, release left mouse button, screen finished and so on and so forth. Good luck with next one.

acedareaper responds:

and still do people like to cheat at an easy game? does it make them feel better?


The concept is not very new and a nice game but it is really rough and ridiculously easy...make a part 2 and make it awesumer =D

acedareaper responds:

thanks im collaberating on the second one it will be awesome

Good concept

Together we will make it an awesome game :D

acedareaper responds:

yes....yes we will

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2.94 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2009
10:31 PM EDT
Skill - Other