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Bobo the Clown-Quickie

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Author Comments

A really quick, crappy flash made out of sheer boredom.
Enjoy. :D

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*Raise Eye Brow Here*

The art was really scrappy and the flash in general came off way to rushed.
The idea was good and the voices were ok.
Maybe add some BG music and take some more time on the next one and you'll be headed in the right direction.
Better luck next time :3

tcoffin responds:

yeah, i know.
It was really rushed. I was bored, so i was like, "i'm going to make a flash today. NO EXCEPTIONS. So it was like, 11 at night and I had to get it done quickly.
But thanks for your review!
Glad you watched it!

Bobonator, heĀ“ll be back.

This made me laugh, with it. The animation, though not stellar, did manage to tell the story. This actually inspired me to get off my ass and do some more. Bobo also sounded a little like the Terminator. Great work!


Pretty cool, if you upped the graphics and made alittle more variety this would be front page material
graphics were good, animation was good and ok, i give this a pass :D