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I'm still an amateur animator, but I wanted to show you some stuff that may help. for more animations, go to www.fr33man1010.deviantar t.com


LOL. kk.

your information was somewhat useful. but your Abbreviation use is to excessive and i didnt know what some of the words where meant to be. also the extreme contrast of colours makes it harder to read. the information provided was good enough, and your examples where good enough. i made an entire animation using ONLY tweens and a Switch layer for lipsync (manual not automatic) i understand layering very well, and now i understand how to layer in flash too.
thanks for the knowledge. good job. also, fly by my animation to check out the stuff you can do if you ony use tweening. :D:D:D
thanks alot dude. rock on :D:D:D

not bad but

Use proper grammar otherwise people WON'T take you seriously. I know I did not. The tutorial is okay but it needs more...impress us instead of copying different tutorials.

Its preety good.

This could help alot of flash amateurs, or beginners out. 9/10 for helping the flash community!

kool but..

for a proper tutorial i suggest that you use propper grammar and that you show an end result to make the viewer feel like he/she has accomplished something.

freedom1010 responds:

this is only my second thing to survive NG. and bad grammerz is 1337!

this is good

I know how to tween, but i see how it could be difficult to understand for other beginners. you should break it down more, don't assume that they can put the pieces together because you`re the one supposed to be doing it :)

freedom1010 responds:

Aren't you directed to some mini tutorial on flash when you get an account on NG?

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