K'Ress Dress Up

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Use the transporter to dress Ensign K'Ress in uniforms from the classic Star Trek, Next Generation, and movies, or find the secret to unlock nudity and bonus costumes.

This is a collaboration between myself and Style Wager - http://www.furaffinity.ne t/user/stylewager/

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they did like star trek:tng

Job well done, gentlemen!

Well done guys, I hope you continue to make more of these. I have only a couple things to say:
1) where was the Classic costume for the "red shirt"? I know you have a red dress thing going on, but it's not the same and you know that has to be there!
2) Star Wars would have been better! hands down. you know me!


the art work was good, i how ever felt it was more of a choose a suit game rather then a "dress up" you were unable to choose different bits to create your own... the art work was fantastic and really kept it in the 5+ stars, the animation of the transporter gave it an added touch but soon got rather repeataive, i would have liked to have seen more and felt let down that it was just a click and view rather then a click-n-drag, how to make it better?... more outfits and a abiltiy to combind them together rather then just a single drawing... i felt it was just a eye candy game for furry fans more then a dress up. i managed to find the secret quickly due to tab and proved my point further... but thats what i think... make it more challenging to find secrets/ have more of a "game" to find secrets... some animation? its really down to personal preference... at the end of the day if this is what you wanted... well how can i argue?... anway... chow


Very nice

I like how it even sounds like a teleporter. Very nice touch on the special effects.

Definitely on my list of favorites

I'm glad I finally came across a dress-up game that managed to catch my interest without being expressly about getting the character naked. It's nice that the feature is there, of course, but better that it's not the primary focus of the game. Good work!