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Tank Attack

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Play as the last surviving tank, and see how long you can keep off the never-ceasing and ever evolving baddies! This is a HARD GAME, can you handle? :P

Thanks for playing :)

P.S: Press K to skip tutorial!

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woot!!!!!!! best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of fun

The upgrades made the game fun. Without them it would be almost pointless. The game itself isn't that hard, but it was hard to spot the enemies shots while using the strange weapon (not sure what was it's name). But the gameplay was maybe too repetitive, you could add powerups, and I found it a bit annoying that you needed to pick up the money, sometimes the time was not enough to pick em up in the end of the level. But still entertaining.

Pretty Good

This game is pretty fun, but you can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. It would also be nice if there were dropped powerups like HP or nukes or something. The laser seems a little overpowered since you can rapidly click it to fire once it's depleted. I must also say that the music is obnoxious. It makes me not want to replay it when I lose.

I noticed one bug: Sometimes when you move your tank near the edge of the screen it gets stuck and it is hard to move away from the edge.

strategy guide

It was good, the changing weapons button didn't work a few times so I had to press the numbers 3 times before it would change. But I only experienced this glitch near waves 16-17. Last boss was really hard. The skateboard machine gun boss was too easy. I thought he was just another enemy tank.

Strategy Guide:
1) for the first few levels, the tanks take 5 quick clicks to kill. do so until you can buy the first tier for the laser.

2) Use the laser not by holding down fire, but by clicking quickly and repeatedly. Do so until the next tier is available. Take out the tanks that can target you directly first (1 cannon tanks, 3 cannon tanks, 9 cannon tanks, laser cannon tanks).

3)Repeat step 2 and go for the 3rd tier.

4) Buy an extra weapon slot and equip tiers 2 and 3 of the laser. Alternate between both when energy is out. Use level 3 laser for Carrier tanks.

5) Max out Weapon extra slots and buy 4th tier for laser. Equip all accordingly.

6) For Wave 17 (Last Boss), strafe along the opposite wall of the boss tank's position. This is the only time you should hold down the fire button. Alternate between the 3 when energy runs out. Avoid its homing blasts. Most of his mines will not be on the wall, but be ready to run across the map. ALWAYS RUN PERPENDICULAR TO THE ENEMY BOSS. Upgrade speed to level 4! If you get hit by his laser and his health is not below half, then you should suicide and replay the level. Use left over cash to repair ONLY IF YOU ARE SURE YOU CAN TAKE THE REST OF HIS HEALTH OUT! Meaning if he has over 3/5 of his health, then save your cash until he has less than that.


Hard as hell if you dont upgrade quickly or effieciently :/
Great game tho...

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2009
5:01 PM EDT