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3 Hours Later (FIXED!)

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I Uploaded my FIRST game to flash yesterday, and you accepted my submission :), now that you've played my version of 3 hours later you can enjoy the FIXED version.. YAY!, now the buttons work and you can walk on the pavement. good luck playing :D

btw, this game is hard.. real hard!

Blam the other one if you feel like blamming, then i mean the glitchy 3HL. killing swf files is evil.

update after release 1: fixed the bar problem.. and new bar system.

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This game needs a story and a quality ending. You walk too slow. Improve the graphics.

a good copy

not bad, but not good either... it is a copy of stick rpg, but still fine

Pretty Good!

Hey, If you need some tips, I don't mind giving you some actionscript tutorials. PM me.

Anyway, the game has some potential. But if you could make the player move at about 9 (or higher) for speed, probably add animations for the player while he's moving and a Gender Selector (Female = Pink or Purple player, Male = Blue or Green player).

This does actually bring out an era of new types of gaming, I think, as to, when you walk towards a building with that rectanglish shape, you may interact by seeing an animation or going inside.


This game has many bugs. If you got rid of the bugs, walked faster, had better animations, and had a plot I might actually play it.

Fixed needs fixing

- You walk too slow
It annoys the crap out of me that it takes so long to walk to stuff
- There is no story
You've got the basics for a sim, but the problem is that you don't do anything with the stats like you normally do (try to hit on a girl/face your nemesis and so on)
- there are lots of bugs
I do have to say that it's a nice game for a first game.

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