Twilight:Broodening SUCKS

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My last video, "Twilight: The Broodening" was so highly over-rated that I felt the need to knock it down a peg with this biting rebuke of it. Take that, stupid ol' me! Let's see what you think of this!

Also, that is totally what I look like all the time - I didn't intentionally make myself look bad in any way.

Thanks to this savage take-down of my savage take-down of Twilight, I won't be messing with that book series again.

...well, I might.

PS: For those that didn't notice the sarcasm, this is a mockery of the people who took The Broodening far too seriously. Yes, vampires are fictional - still fun to laugh at Twilight.

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Ahh, my old friend sarcasm

so wonderful to see that he has made new friends. I knew him so well it was like a shorthand of saying what I actually mean. If everyone did this it would be wonderful!!!!!


Hail to us, stupid jerks with no life!

True Art

I keep coming back to this every now and then and I still die laughing every time I see this. This should get a 10/10 just because the sarcasm is that high in caliber.


Damn! This makes me really hate the Broodening! What a stupid guy who made it, learn something about vampires already you doof! Ewrrbuddy nos vamps sparkle in ze sun!!! Grarrgh!


I'm gonna blam the broodening everyday now because it SUCKS