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Panda Hates Mazes

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Author Comments

Poor Panda! He hates mazes, yet someone has left stuck inside a most horrible labyrinth.

Use your cursor keys to move Panda and work your way out of the Mazes that Panda does hate so very much.

Oh this is no life for a peaceful Panda!

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Levels won't load anymore

I got to level 10 and died right away, but then the level wouldn't load when I tried to replay. So then I closed the game and reopened and none of the levels would play then; they all just are stuck on the "loading level..." screen. If I right click then it shows that the flash isn't playing anymore, so if I click play then it just takes me to the high score board. Not sure what to do... Kind of sad since I wanted to try for evin moar heighur skore

Other than that fun game all around! I think user generated levels would be a nice touch since 10 levels is rather short. But nice controls, great graphics, smooth gameplay.

Very Smooth

A very great game, i enjoyed it very much. the only thing that i didn't like was the art work but that didn't stop it from being an awesome game. Keep up the good work!!!!!

It's... umm...

It's cute, so the mazes aren't as boring to play in and the difficulty is perfect. Nice job man...

Nice Game

OK, I've just finished the game and thought I'd give you a little feedback. The game itself, nice idea. The whole 'poor panda' routine is a good one, needs no plot or justification more than it has.

The 3D is a nice touch but the movement of the panda felt wrong. I died so many times because I thought I was past a corner when I actually got stuck in it and got killed. It was extremely frustrating when going for a high score. The fruit was hard to see also because of the not quite overhead view. It may have been on purpose but the fruit would have more of an impact if bigger.

The music got annoying after a while. The mute was nice to have, not enough games include one. I feel a slower more pleasant soundtrack would have suited it, kind of like a small town/village background from an RPG. Something you can listen to that is cheery but doesn't overwhelm.

A nice variety of puzzles, and a cute concept. I shall give you 4/5 and 7/10.

For a sequel, improve the panda model, the music and the movement. Keep up the Cute and the imaginative puzzles and you'll likely earn yourself a 5/5.

Nice Job!

chrisError responds:

thanks for the genuinely informative and useful feedback (it's quite a rare thing.)

There are lots of things I intend to do for the sequel, and improving the models is one of them and adding some different NPCs. I think also, you are right, it would be interesting to change the music between levels so it isn't so repetative.

And also I know th fruit is hard to see on some levels, the collectable fruit was a late addition and it kind of shows in some places, need to think how to keep the camera angle the same as it is now but also make sure everything is viewable for the next game.

I'm very pleased that you managed to finish it though :) Did you find the hidden pac-man level?



you worked hard so that deserves 2 stars, and you intertained me for like 2 minuts , so theres another star , but you need to work on the graphics.......it kinda looks like a retarded monkey.....no offense but, 6 is as high as i go........gamplay is also repetiteve and if i got to close to a wall i had to back up and align myself and when i do your little lego demons kill my panda!

Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2009
4:36 PM EDT