Max's Big Adventure

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Lets see whats types of trouble our character max can get into today. I hope you enjoy the hard work that went into this project and make sure you leave feedback that'll help me grow to be an even better animator, even though I'm clearly the best and most underrated artist on this entire site. I'm sure this one will get me homepage yet again you pieces of donkey ca ca :)



I know you can do better. Your animation, I suppose, is acceptable. But fill in this answer.... what was the point?

I understand you said you worked hard but do not underestimate Flash, its a tool that you can't expect to learn and master overnight. And by the looks of your profile, you appear to rush and get as much Flash submissions as possible. Please, take it easy. Take a few days learning and observing from professionals if its nessesary! Slow and steady wins the race! ;)

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MegaPwnage09 responds:

i r alretty dhe b3st flash aneemaytor

So! He is back...

You make me laugh...I like it when he just pops out of no where and start his dance...Keep up the good work..


it was sort of funny...for the first couple times. but it got old and boring, fast!

sorry, but ya aint da behst, and ya neva is goin tuh beh...so lose the attitude and grow up, and learn how to talk like a human being!

MegaPwnage09 responds:

fark u sheat head....pwn3d

Oh that is ok!

I like it but maybe why does he have a hunger growing in side of his shirt because that doesn't seem like that should be like that even if he does have his eyes are to big for his body but then again so are they all like that? I keep wondering the same thing...

MegaPwnage09 responds:

I make movies....space movies....you like space? Itza Trillion Dollar Industry with 2 labels!!!

Sorry, I dont think you'll get front page for this

And the reason for that is that the plotline didnt match the title, the animation was random and didnt follow to anything, and absolutely no point to this. Spend more time on your animations, because this wont go far. 0/10.

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MegaPwnage09 responds:

So u kno dahet i'm deh b2st ev4r mwahahahaha

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Mar 27, 2009
4:20 PM EDT