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Author Comments

I just thought i might do a sprite animation as bad as it may be ive never done one before, so this is my first :)


this is very good for your first


Dead2Animations responds:

thanks :)

ok not to bad

Before i make my statement about this flash, Madsuzuki that was Sean, not Ryu. Sean is Kens student at the time of Street Fighter 3. As for this, well first attempt and i gotta say that wasnt to bad, the sounds of the blows were a bit off, but not to bad. You should have the screen scroll a bit so the fight dosent get broken up by any off screen incidents. Other than that, great job on your first sprite flash.

Dead2Animations responds:

thanks, I agree the sound effects werent all that but I had to make do at the time I made it because I had no internet

Sprite movies usually suck, but this was ok

Great framerate, the only thing I would really change is that your characters spam thier moves. Maybe have them move to a new arena/background occasionally, and try to remov Ryu's feet from the left side at the end. They're visable, and he's flying.

Oh, one other thing. Ryu fking pwns Ken, so fix that.

Good Job

Dead2Animations responds:

thanks for review, alot of pointer for me there :) oh by the way that wasnt ryu that was sean :o

Good for a first.

Not bad at all,the framerate was good and smooth and it was an overall decent fight you could be a little more creative with the moves and what not but overall it looked good for a first time sprite flash,keep up the good work. =)

Dead2Animations responds:

wooh 34fps ftw. Yeah i know the fight didnt have much going on :( I really got bored doing it so i kinda.....ended it really cheesy(used to drawing frame by frame)


ok i'll cut you some slack for being your first but you could see the frame outline of the final i will add ken shots 3 times which is 2 time too many also no sound clips were it no hadoken no shyrogoken (or however you spell it). But overall it really wasn't very good.I tried to be as light as possible but I can't tell a lie

Dead2Animations responds:

thank you for being blunt :) and yes alot of things are usually off with my animations, I dont take much time to perfect the mistakes. And sadly at the time I had no internet so i couldnt get any genuine sound clips so i had to make them :(

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Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2009
3:03 PM EDT