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Throw the blocks together to create chains of 3+, and stack up those chains to unlock higher bonuses. The blocks fall relentlessly from above, let them stack too high and it's game over.

I was inspired by a combination of Match-3 games, the Sega classic Columns and a little bit of Tetris when making this game.

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This game gives me a primal instinct of smashing everything until it works

This game really was quite fun! At first, I was afraid it might be too easy. From the title, I though it would be like a Javanoid game. It turned out to be something truly unique. It was just fun having so much mobility. You could really travel all over the screen.

It can certainly get hard if you don't do that. The music is quite stylistic as well. The girl on the menu screen looks a tad weird, though. It's still a very colorful game. I mean that quite literally.

not bad - but it needs some changes.

First of all, I would start it by adding levels. maybe start with only 2 different kinds of blocks, next level, maybe add other geometrical forms than blocks.

It is not clear WHEN it starts dropping more than one block at a time.

It is not clear where the next item will be dropped.

It is not clear which item the next will be.

This unfortunately makes it very hard to impossible to "catch" blocks while they still fall and directly throw them into the right corner. Being able to do so would give the game a completely new flow.

Also, if this is done, there could be an option added that requires to click on connected 3+ chains, therefore giving us players the power to gain really high scores at each time (score double-up per block in the chain or something), which would also add the risk of beeing deafeated faster.

nice idea, keep it up !


felt the control and mechanic itself was too clumsy. Interesting concept but things can get too chaotic and out of your control too easily due to physics of the blocks.


its like doctor mario but even more awesome