Pyramid Bloxx

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Build towering pyramids to secure your immortality in the blockbuster follow-up to triple game of the year winner, Tower Bloxx! Erect the tallest Pyramid possible in Quick Mode.



i really liked the old tower bloxx. The 3d version sucked, and this one sucks worse!

Plenty of style, where's the substance?

Pyramid Bloxx is getting a 5 from me, because it has some really great graphics, music, and style.

However, the other half of "game" is gameplay, the content referred to in another review here. This appears to be nothing more than a game of "left click at the exact right time" and no offense, but that's boring, the equivalent of playing a shooter without any targets. The game looks great, but it doesn't appear to have any substance.

Additionally, for a game like this, I would suggest toning down the ads somewhat. I realize that you've got a product you're trying to sell, but if the product can't sell itself, there's something wrong. Having that ad slammed in my face every time I lose a game is taking the "Hah hah you lose" to a whole new level. Yick.

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lovet it!!!

pretty funny and addictive game
nice music too

Need some work.

While it is a relatively fun and simple game, it's lacking in content area. Also, I dislike the fact that you could throw the block strait to them and still miss.

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good game

its very addicting, and its classic arcade. But i just gave up after floor 33. It gets a bit frustrating when you throw it but it still misses the guy. I've thrown it directly to the guy and still it missed and i failed the game. so yea frustrating, but good graphics and idea.

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3.25 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2009
9:11 AM EDT