Darkbase: incubation

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In this action filled survival-horror game, Lieutenant Alice Foster is the only survivor of StarForce "Skorpio " squad on the StarBase Delta 12.
With the only support of the Artificial Intelligence "Themistocles", she shall enter the base to discover what caused the base power shutdown and she shall face the "unknown presence" that killed all of her squad-mates.

Bloody thriller shoot-them-up game
Sci-Fi "Alien" movie mood
Original story, characters & enemies
Exclusive lighting system with dynamic lights and darkness
Original soundtracks with automatic fade from exploration to action stages
Eye-candy dynamic particle system
6 game-levels of pure adrenalin
Enter the dark base now!



I have no comment for it,its just A-W-E-S-O-M-E 10/10 for sure.


I didn't get far

Second level. Good ammo starvation and difficulty in general. I just think the flashlight should have a wider/longer range.

This game rocks!

This game is new grounds number 1 horror/thriller game now :P
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and for those people that said that this game was hard....your a complete noob.
Save your damn flash light batteries and you will stay alive.
This aint doom 3 where you get full batterys all the time.


i think it really is not bad!
but, instead of making those torch generators, you could just have made a torch that recovers itself ... and with a bit more range.
the medikits ... hmmm. a bit more of them than one each level and not infinite liife.
the alien were good but what sucked were those little freaks. instead of just making the game harder, you just threw in more of those things ... that was just annoying andneeded time.
and couldn't figure out how to defeat the behemot ... i think i had to lure him to those four big blasty guns and zap him ... but it got me after five footsteps ... and killed me ... way to fast, but looked nice. and then i had to start the leel all over again and quit the game ... sorry for not finishing it!

all in all to much really dark scenes, i don't mean those twilight rooms i mean those black rooms. even with your short ranged flashlight you can't see anything.

and then ma last point: the screaming noise she made everytime getting hit by such a creature. an easy "oof" or "ouch" would've been enough.

Interesting, but...

Again, the torch is almost of no use. By the time it's in range it's almost always too close to avoid any damage. Using a mousewheel in the Flash window that Newgrounds uses also moves my screen at the same time as I scroll through my weapons, making me pause a bit everytime I change my weapon.

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3.75 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2009
5:24 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional