Runaway Puppies

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Ok guys here is my final submission for my academy. I got full marks for it, tell me what you think. Any feedback is good feedback. I did this ages ago and forgot to put it up. Just click on the dog once you find it to register it as found. That's the only control. Just left click a dog. Sorry about the graphics and sound. Both arn't really my thing, I'm a designer/programmer. Also newgrounds won't let me submit my HD version which is the only version i made so I submitted it as a 800x600 file so some parts seem small. If it makes the game unplayable let me know and I will upload the HD version to another site and link it here.

Myles Blasonato
Ok guys so I fixed the tab and spacebar issues and also increased the amount of spread which does fix it a lot. To get the full experience download the HD version here: http://megaswf.com/view/8 fa3ab06a37fcdeaa9c5ab1f20 ccf448.html

Myles Blasonato



I think this could much better if you disabled the tab key and the space bar. I was able to beat this game in under 45 seconds.
I liked the artwork and the premise. A larger playing field and work on the dogs spawning together in groups. I saw 5 dogs almost in the exact same position.
The dog bark sound was pretty good especially when I cheated and had 10 dogs barking at the same time.
nice job just could use a polishing up.

myless responds:

Thank you very much the feedback.
With the size it is actually quite big but it had to be shrinked because of the size requirement for newgrounds.

I'll take a look at disabling those keys.

Again thanks for the feedback.
PS: What did spacebar do? I didn't find it to do anything. I disabled it none the less.

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3.05 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2009
4:12 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other