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History of Architecture

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Author Comments

This is a Music Video I created for the class, History of Architecture. This one is done in classic procrastination style the day before the project was due! 6-8 hours of work total for song creation and flash. Not the best way to introduce our band Applesauce to the world, but i figured I might as well submit it. Enjoy the song!

BTW...If you know nothing about Art or Architecture or Buildings...Google it...then laugh...

**DailyTHIRD Place! That....is awesome! I'm glad you guys like it as much as it seems! What a way to end the quarter! Thanks Newgrounds! Also be sure to check out The Nubs and Sneakers Preview!**

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Not crazy about the song. Fairly well animated for the most part. Spelling mistakes. Chin beard.

Nice work

Very nice work here. Lovely animation, good audio, and overall rather nice, for a whole six/eight hours of work. Now that I know the timeframe it was made in, I can't complain too much about it being repetitive. However, if you make a sequel, it really should be less repetitive. :P
9/10, 4/5. Good work, little repetitive, I'd watch it again.

*dies laughing*

Oh man, I'm sure Beverage just *loved* that.

You animation majors and your procrastination...

It's Luke, BTW, and I feel your pain. That class was... difficult to get through at times.

*Chorus Dance*

This is one of the funniest "educational" animations I've seen yet. The sarcastic and lazy tone flows well through the whole flash.

This definitely needs to be turned into a series. Thomas and John need to do a sing-a-long review for more classes :P

that was pretty funny

loved johns dance