Avoid the Blocks!!

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you cannot shoot the green blocks, your bullets go through them!

controls: CONTROL is shoot, ARROW KEYS move you around, simple huh?

red and green blocks will fall down from the top of the screen. the red ones you can shoot away for extra points, but the green ones you cannot. simply fly through as long as you can and don't touch the blocks! your highscore will be saved so you can keep trying to beat it.

don't forget to submit your highscore! see you if you can beat my amazing one!

i hope you have fun and please leave a comment if you like it or if you just have some ideas to make it better!

**this is a game i've uploaded before. this version fixes a problem which caused a bunch of lag. it also includes a high score table so you can see how you match up to everyone else!**



I'm giving it a seven. It is interesting and has a lot of potential. Here are some things you should add.
-Level Select
-Different Ships
-More enemies
-Bosses (please!)
-Changing Background
-Change the shoot button to something more convenient like the space bar
-Diffrent bullets
-Fix the little glitches (in below)
1:When you fire, then die your bullets stay on the screen
2:When you die, and there is a red square still there you will die again
3:Some links don't work
-Add health
-Add lives
-Diffrent shaped ships
-Possibly multiplayer
-Add a cash system
-Power ups!
Thats about it! This has front page potential if you make everything look flashier.

not as shabby as it seems

I actually think this is fun, very challenging, but the score system and the amount of green could be increased

Not bad.

Not bad game, but I think you could improve on this:

- Improve the graphics, it's just so boring looking at black background and some red/green outlines.
- Make it 3D or something.
- You could use more varietes of effects, explosions, mayhems or whatever.
- Upgrades but not really that necessary.
- Optional menu screen, with options and other sttuff...

I really think you could improve alot on this game and to make it much better.
Overall it was an alright game, but just missing some taste.

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2.55 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2009
7:42 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid